VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 1 released
Posted on: 07/01/2011 08:51 PM

The first beta of VirtualBox 4.1 is now available

VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 1 released

Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Beta release on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

You can download the binaries here.
The packages are currently being uploaded.

Please do NOT open bug reports at but use our VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum to report any problems with the Beta. Please concentrate on reporting regressions since VirtualBox 4.0.10.

VirtualBox 4.1 will be a new major release. The following major new features were added:
Support for cloning of VMs (bug #5853)
GUI: enhanced wizard for creating new virtual disks
GUI: new wizard for copying virtual disks
VMM: raised the memory limit for 64-bit hosts to 1TB
Windows guests: Experimental WDDM graphics driver
Guest Additions: modules and features now are represented as facilities to have a common interface for frontends.
New Networking Mode: UDP Tunnel. Allows to interconnect VMs running on different hosts easily and transparently, see the manual for more information.
In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:
VMM: more SMP timer fixes
VMM: fixed sporadic recompiler crashes with SMP guests
VMM: many small fixes
GUI: when reverting to a snapshot, ask for taking a snapshot of the current state
GUI: added View menu
GUI: added setting for the promiscuous mode policy for internal networks, bridged networks and host-only networks
GUI: the VM description is editable during the runtime of a VM
GUI: added proxy settings (bug #2870)
VBoxManage: changed syntax of the guestcontrol command group, fixed various bugs
VBoxBalloonCtrl: new service for automatic dynamic adjustment of the balloon size for running VMs
Settings: machine names and snapshot names are not allowed to be a valid UUID
Storage: virtual CD/DVD images will be detached if the guest ejects the medium
Floppy: several bugs have been fixed
BIOS: disk-related structures are now checksummed correctly
USB: many fixes for the Windows USB host driver
NAT: reduced memory footprint
Serial: announce the serial devices in the ACPI tables to make Windows guests find the virtual hardware (bug #7411)
VRDP: support for TLS connections
VRDP: support for multimonitor client configurations with MS RDP client
3D support: fixed GL_VERSION string for different locales (bug #8916)
Windows hosts: fixed copy'n'paste in the GUI and for the VM window (bug #4491)
Guest Additions: improved driver installation on Windows guests
Guest Additions: fixed high CPU usage while executing guest programs from the host

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