PHP 7.0.23 RC1 released
Posted on: 08/18/2017 02:13 PM

A release candidate of the upcoming PHP 7.0.23 has been released. This release contains a number of bugfixes. The stable release is planned for August 31st, if no critical issues will be discovered in the RC.

What's new in this release:

17 Aug 2017 PHP 7.0.23RC1

- Core:
. Fixed bug #74947 (Segfault in scanner on INF number). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #74954 (null deref and segfault in zend_generator_resume()). (Bob)
. Fixed bug #74725 (html_errors=1 breaks unhandled exceptions). (Andrea)

- cURL:
. Fixed bug #74125 (Fixed finding CURL on systems with multiarch support).

- Date:
. Fixed bug #75002 (Null Pointer Dereference in timelib_time_clone). (Derick)

- Intl:
. Fixed bug #74993 (Wrong reflection on some locale_* functions). (Sara)

- Mbstring:
. Fixed bug #71606 (Segmentation fault mb_strcut with HTML-ENTITIES encoding).
. Fixed bug #62934 (mb_convert_kana() does not convert iteration marks).
. Fixed bug #75001 (Wrong reflection on mb_eregi_replace). (Fabien

- MySQLi:
. Fixed bug #74968 (PHP crashes when calling mysqli_result::fetch_object with
an abstract class). (Anatol)

- OCI8:
. Expose oci_unregister_taf_callback() (Tianfang Yang)

- phar:
. Fixed bug #74991 (include_path has a 4096 char limit in some cases).

- Reflection:
. Fixed bug #74949 (null pointer dereference in _function_string). (Laruence)

- Session:
. Fixed bug #74833 (SID constant created with wrong module number). (Anatol)

- SimpleXML:
. Fixed bug #74950 (nullpointer deref in simplexml_element_getDocNamespaces).

- SPL:
. Fixed bug #75049 (spl_autoload_unregister can't handle
spl_autoload_functions results). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #74669 (Unserialize ArrayIterator broken). (Andrew Nester)
. Fixed bug #75015 (Crash in recursive iterator destructors). (Julien)

- Standard:
. Fixed bug #75075 (unpack with X* causes infinity loop). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #74103 (heap-use-after-free when unserializing invalid array
size). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #75054 (A Denial of Service Vulnerability was found when
performing deserialization). (Nikita)

. Fixed bug #73793 (WDDX uses wrong decimal seperator). (cmb)

. Fixed bug #74975 (Incorrect xmlrpc serialization for classes with declared
properties). (blar)

The source code can be download from here and Windows binaries are available here.

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