PHP 7.0.1 released
Posted on: 12/18/2015 09:18 AM

PHP 7.0.1 has been released

PHP 7.0.1 released

Change log:
17 Dec 2015

Fixed bug #71105 (Format String Vulnerability in Class Name Error Message).
Fixed bug #70831 (Compile fails on system with 160 CPUs).
Fixed bug #71006 (symbol referencing errors on Sparc/Solaris).
Fixed bug #70997 (When using parentClass:: instead of parent::, static context changed).
Fixed bug #70970 (Segfault when combining error handler with output buffering).
Fixed bug #70967 (Weird error handling for __toString when Error is thrown).
Fixed bug #70958 (Invalid opcode while using ::class as trait method paramater default value).
Fixed bug #70944 (try{ } finally{} can create infinite chains of exceptions).
Fixed bug #70931 (Two errors messages are in conflict).
Fixed bug #70904 (yield from incorrectly marks valid generator as finished).
Fixed bug #70899 (buildconf failure in extensions).
Fixed bug #61751 (SAPI build problem on AIX: Undefined symbol: php_register_internal_extensions).
Fixed \int (or generally every scalar type name with leading backslash) to not be accepted as type name.
Fixed exception not being thrown immediately into a generator yielding from an array.
Fixed bug #70987 (static::class within Closure::call() causes segfault).
Fixed bug #71013 (Incorrect exception handler with yield from).
Fixed double free in error condition of format printer.
CLI server:
Fixed bug #71005 (Segfault in php_cli_server_dispatch_router()).
Fixed bug #71020 (Use after free in Collator::sortWithSortKeys).
Fixed bug #68077 (LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE / open_basedir restriction).
Fixed bug #68344 (MySQLi does not provide way to disable peer certificate validation) by introducing MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL_DONT_VERIFY_SERVER_CERT connection flag.
Fixed LOB implementation size_t/zend_long mismatch reported by gcov.
Fixed bug #71024 (Unable to use PHP 7.0 x64 side-by-side with PHP 5.6 x32 on the same server).
Fixed bug #70991 (zend_file_cache.c:710: error: array type has incomplete element type).
Fixed bug #70977 (Segmentation fault with opcache.huge_code_pages=1).
Fixed stderr being written to stdout.
Fixed bug #71018 (ReflectionProperty::setValue() behavior changed).
Fixed bug #70982 (setStaticPropertyValue behaviors inconsistently with 5.6).
Fixed bug #71028 (Undefined index with ArrayIterator).
Fixed bug #71049 (SQLite3Stmt::execute() releases bound parameter instead of internal buffer).
Fixed bug #70999 (php_random_bytes: called object is not a function).
Fixed bug #70960 (ReflectionFunction for array_unique returns wrong number of parameters).
Add IPV6_V6ONLY constant / make it usable in stream contexts.
Fixed bug #70993 (Array key references break argument processing).
Fixed bug #60052 (Integer returned as a 64bit integer on X64_86).

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