PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 Released
Posted on: 06/28/2016 07:59 AM

The second alpha version of PHP 7.1.0 is now available

PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 Released

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2. This is the second alpha release for PHP 7.1.0. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully, and report any bugs and incompatibilities in the bug tracking system.


For more information on the new features and other changes, you can read the NEWS file, or the UPGRADING file for a complete list of upgrading notes. These files can also be found in the release archive.

For source downloads of PHP 7.1.0 Alpha 2 please visit the download page, Windows sources and binaries can be found on

The first beta will be released on the 7th of July. You can also read the full list of planned releases on our wiki.

New in Alpha 2:
. Implemented RFC: Replace "Missing argument" warning with "Too few
arguments" exception. (Dmitry)
. Implemented RFC: Fix inconsistent behavior of $this variable. (Dmitry)
. Fixed bug #72441 (Segmentation fault: RFC list_keys). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #72395 (list() regression). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #72373 (TypeError after Generator function w/declared return type
finishes). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #69489 (tempnam() should raise notice if falling back to temp dir).
(Laruence, Anatol)
. Fixed UTF-8 and long path support on Windows. (Anatol)
. Fixed bug #72268 (Integer Overflow in nl2br()). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #72275 (Integer Overflow in json_encode()/json_decode()/
json_utf8_to_utf16()). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #72400 (Integer Overflow in addcslashes/addslashes). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #72403 (Integer Overflow in Length of String-typed ZVAL). (Stas)

- GD:
. Fixed bug #43475 (Thick styled lines have scrambled patterns). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #53640 (XBM images require width to be multiple of 8). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #64641 (imagefilledpolygon doesn't draw horizontal line). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #72298 (pass2_no_dither out-of-bounds access). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #72339 (Integer Overflow in _gd2GetHeader() resulting in
heap overflow). (Pierre)
. Fixed bug #72407 (NULL Pointer Dereference at _gdScaleVert). (Stas)

. Implemented FR #46600 ("_empty_" key in objects). (Jakub Zelenka)

- Mbstring:
. Fixed bug #72405 (mb_ereg_replace - mbc_to_code (oniguruma) -
oob read access). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #72399 (Use-After-Free in MBString (search_re)). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #72402 (_php_mb_regex_ereg_replace_exec - double free). (Stas)

- mcrypt:
. Fixed bug #72455 (Heap Overflow due to integer overflows). (Stas)

- OpenSSL:
. Implemented FR #67304 (Added AEAD support [CCM and GCM modes] to
openssl_encrypt and openssl_decrypt). (Jakub Zelenka)
. Implemented error storing to the global queue and cleaning up the OpenSSL
error queue (resolves bugs #68276 and #69882). (Jakub Zelenka)

. Upgraded to PCRE 8.39. (Anatol)

- SPL:
. Fixed bug #72262 (int/size_t confusion in SplFileObject::fread). (Stas)
. Fixed bug #72433 (Use After Free Vulnerability in PHP's GC algorithm and
unserialize). (Dmitry)

- Sqlite3:
. Implemented FR #72385 (Update SQLite bundle lib(3.13.0)). (Laruence)

- Standard:
. Fixed bug #72306 (Heap overflow through proc_open and $env parameter).

- Streams:
. Fixed bug #72439 (Stream socket with remote address leads to a segmentation
fault). (Laruence)

. Fixed bug #72340 (Double Free Courruption in wddx_deserialize). (Stas)

- zip:
. Fixed bug #72434 (ZipArchive class Use After Free Vulnerability in PHP's GC
algorithm and unserialize). (Dmitry)

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