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[Tech ARP] BIOS Option Of The Week - CPU L2 Cache ECC Checking

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Dear editor,




We have just posted the *BIOS Option Of The Week* *- CPU L2 Cache ECC





Quote : Since 1999, we have been developing the BIOS Optimization Guide,

affectionately known as the BOG. From a meagre beginning of a single page,

it now covers over 440 BIOS options. As old BOG readers will know, we

started offering two editions of the BOG since Revision 8.0 - a simplified

edition and the complete edition.


Normally, the complete edition is only available to subscribers who help

sponsor the development of the guide through a small fee. However, that

changes today! From now on, we will post a BIOS option from the complete

edition of the BIOS Optimization Guide every weekend.


This week, we will be taking a look at the *CPU L2 Cache ECC Checking* BIOS

setting. Here's an excerpt :








*"This BIOS feature enables or disables the L2 (Level 2 or Secondary)

cache's ECC (Error Checking and Correction) function, if available.

Enabling this feature is recommended because it will detect and correct

single-bit errors in data stored in the L2 cache. As most data reads are

satisfied by the L2 cache, the L2 cache's ECC function should catch and

correct almost all single-bit errors in the memory subsystem. It will also

detect double-bit errors although it cannot correct them. But this isn't

such a big deal since... "*




Link : *http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=606*<http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=606>


Icon : *http://www.techarp.com/article/BOG_Weekly/BOG_weekly_big.png*<http://www.techarp.com/article/BOG_Weekly/BOG_weekly_big.png>




We hope you will post this news on your website. Please feel free to send

your news to news ( -at -) techarp.com and we will reciprocate.








*Team ARP*


Tech ARP : *http://www.techarp.com/* <http://www.techarp.com/>


Tech ARP : *http://techarp.com/* <http://techarp.com/>




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