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Corsair Obsidian 250D Mini-ITX Chassis Review

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Corsair Obsidian 250D Mini-ITX Chassis Review


The Corsair Obsidian series is by far one of the coolest chassis

ranges on the market today, they've amazed us here at eTeknix and

countless others around the world with their extremely competent

feature sets, design, build quality and versatility. The series caters

to extreme gaming rigs of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the

absolutely bonkers 900D super tower, their 800D and 750D full towers,

650D and 500D mid-towers, the 350D Micro ATX and now their latest

entry which we will be taking a look at today, the Obsidian 250D

Mini-ITX chassis.


The whole range features a similar style, with a chunky, sleek and

somewhat understated design that doesn't leap out at you, but hides

extensive small details that make them premium both inside and out,

especially the lush aluminium front panels, flawless black paint work

and extensive features that have become the trademarks of the series,

making the Obsidian one of the most versatile and powerful ranges

Corsair have ever created.


Naturally the 250D has a lot to live up to, the rest of the series

are very desirable chassis that have all won many awards around the

world, anything less than perfection from the 250D will not be

acceptable. The 250D is the smallest chassis in the range as it only

supports mini-ITX motherboards, but with the rise in popularity of

small form factor gaming builds that are ideal for a SteamBox build,

LAN gaming, or HTPC style system means the 250D could be in high



The packaging is pretty standard and matches what we have seen from

the rest of the Obsidian series, a high contrast image on each side of

the box with a technical run down of the main component specifications

and compatibility.









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