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Hardware Firewall

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I've got an old PC which I concidering making into a Hardware Firewall running poss Mandrake 9.2 > The hardware spec is:


CPU=233MHz AMD (socket 7) - I might have a 400MHz somewhere..

Mem=64Mb pc100 (Dimms) min

Graph=16Mb Banshie 2 or NvNti 32Mb

Sound=Soundblaster 32AW

10Gb HDD


I might also dual install win98se to run some old games.


My question is what is the best possible way to set-up a network to go through this PC to access the net (full internet support)?


My current network is:

Desktop running win2000pro (used as server for file and data storage).

Laptop running winXPhome / Mandrake 9.2 (used as test unit and mobile demonstrations)

HP 10/100 network printer


All connected via a 10/100 Ethernet HUB, pre set IP addresses for all. Current Internet access is via a software firewall protected software proxy server (on main desktop).


If you need more info, please ask. Please keep in mind a low budget...

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Why not use something like Smoothwall? It is a fully locked down version of the Linux kernel (2.4.22, I believe). That way, you get a fully functional hardware firewall, and your computer specs will definitely be enough to handle it. They just released version Smoothwall 2.0 Express, and I'm running it on my home network. Check it out!



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Cheers mksoccer,


I might go for that, could I configure this unit to handle mail too. That is > could this unit that will connect to the net, be configured to send and retrieve emails and then my network PC's snd/rcv from the server?


I am also concidering another unit (prob a 1.4GHz) to be used as the main data server for the network, is Linux a good choice for this too. Some terminals will have to be running a windows platform due to compatibility with my clients.

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Hello Psion,


You could also use a distribution known as IPCOP - www.ipcop.org.


As for your server, Linux makes a fine server - Windows computers wil have no problems connecting to it at all. A very easy one to use is Xandros - it has a very simple Windows server wizard - www.xandros.com.



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Ok, I have just tried installing Mandrake 9.2 onto the above mentioned system. I tried installing over the top of the exhisting win98 install. Deleted the partition and created a new / mounted on hda (2G) and then the 2nd HDD was split into /usr and a swap disc (2G again).


after formating the drives hda & hdb > it gives the error


no hdlabel


What have I done wrong?

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