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Killzone: Shadow Fall PlayStation 4 Review

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Killzone: Shadow Fall PlayStation 4 Review


Killzone was one of the hottest games for the PlayStation 2, and the

epic sequel that was Killzone 2 followed it with a great force. The

series had a slow, gritty and powerful vibe that is a far cry from the

frantic run and gun of games like Call of Duty and I absolutely love

it. The Third entry in the series came on the PlayStation 3, a

graphical juggernaut and it offered some brutal gameplay and hardcore

online play, however I didn't really love the game and it fell into

many of the typical tropes that most of last generations shooter did,

as a result it just didn't excite me and I didn't really feel

compelled to keep playing.


Shadow fall is a launch title for the PlayStation 4, so it has great

potential to be a system seller for Sony and it also has a lot to

prove given the track record of the previous titles in the series.

There are many highly popular shooters on the market today and with

Killzone not following the yearly update release schedule that many

other companies follow, there was a fear that it could have fallen out

of favour with much of the gaming community.









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