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MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3GB Graphics Card Review

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MSI GTX 780 Lightning 3GB Graphics Card Review


MSI's GTX 780 Lightning was a graphics card that was hotly

anticipated by the graphics card enthusiasts of a green persuasion.

Announced about 3 months ago the MSI GTX 780 Lighting is a feature

packed Nvidia graphics card with seven 8mm heat pipes, three fans and

a mammoth heatsink. Two of the fans are 90mm while the middle one is

80mm. The MSI GTX 780 Lighting comes with a pretty nice out the box

clock speed of 980/1033MHz core/boost and is much faster than the

stock GTX 780 which has speeds of 863/900MHz core/boost. Sadly the

memory doesn't get any special treatment and comes with the stock

amount at the stock speed of 6GHz. MSI have made some very high-end

adjustments to the power delivery system removing Nvidia restrictions,

adding a 16 phase VRM and providing an independent memory power

source. MSI have also equipped their “GPU reactor†on the rear of

the card to provide additional filtering for the power input which

should increase stability when overclocking.









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