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Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure 64GB Flash Drive Review

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Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure 64GB Flash Drive Review


Recently I've been taking a look at some of the newest flash drives

on the market, including those from Lexar and whilst they may be

either the fastest, best looking, or offer the best value for money,

there is one area where they all fail. This is security. We hear about

security all the time, and in the home or work place, security is key,

after all we don't want to let our data get out into the wrong hands.

Typically this generally entails users locking their computers with a

password and in the case of networks, securing the wireless with an

encryption key for example. We also lock our buildings, filing

cabinets, doors and vehicles, but for the most part, there is one

everyday item that we tend to forget about; the humble USB flash










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