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Posted 10 November 2013 - 12:56 AM


Synology DS214Se ‘Special Edition’ 2-bay NAS Review

Synology have been hot on the market recently with the release of
the DS414 4-bay NAS
 – the latest revision to their popular 4-bay desktop range as it
replaces the top-selling DS413. One of the main focus points of the
DS414 is the price point for a pretty good level of performance. As we
saw it may not be the fastest 4-bay system available, but when it's
priced considerably lower (>£100) than some of its rival units, it's
a bit of a no-brainer for anyone who is focussing more on raw capacity
over performance.

Keeping on the same line, every NAS vendor has a few budget units in
their product catalogue, however Synology have a more equal
distribution across their range in the terms of performance and cost.
As a brand Synology are not afraid to advertise that they build
cheaper systems that offer lower performance figures and there is a
good reason for this. When you take into account the overall cost of a
typical 2 or 4-bay system with the cost of hard drives on top can
easily tip over the £500 mark (or more if you go far a higher
performance system); that price tag for some people does equate to a
substantial chunk of money. For a number of users, the cost is simply
too much to churn out. Typically those fighting the battle of cost is
the home user, especially with today's credit crunch here in the UK
– where the cost of living when marked against your income is a bit
out of proportion. As a result the goal is to get as much raw capacity
as possible and for as little as possible.

As we've seen before, Synology use a simple naming system for their
products, and those ending with a ‘j' are built with capacity over
performance in mind. To take things a step further, Synology have now
re-written the rule book as they create a 2-bay system that is more
budget conscious than ever. Bring forth the DS214Se. In the same way
that the DS414 is the successor the DS413, the DS214 is the new model
to the DS213 and the Se (Special Edition) marking puts this model in a
position where it is even more budget friendly than before.

With the aim of the game keeping the overall purchase cost down,
Synology have removed a number of features from the DS214
specification and have been more ruthless than ever. As a result, the
DS214Se is going to be ideal for anyone who is a) on a very tight and
B) not needing to run multiple features at the same time.

Whilst the systems specification has been cut down, the bundled
extras include everything that you'll ever need. Alongside the NAS,
there is an AC power adaptor, Ethernet cable, a quick installation
guide, warranty leaflet, and finally two sets of screws for fitting
the drives and for holding the enclosure together.

URL - http://www.eteknix.c...bay-nas-review/


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