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Thecus N2650 2-Bay NAS Review

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Thecus N2650 2-Bay NAS Review


In the NAS market, Thecus is one of the biggest names out there

alongside QNAP and Synology and as we have seen in the past, the

performance and features that they have to offer for the price are

very well suited making them ideal for SOHO, SMB and enterprise users

alike. Focusing today on the SOHO market, typical home users generally

are in line to buy two and four bay systems for storing movies, music

and photos on to share across their network to TVs, computers and

wireless devices such as tablets.


Over the last year or so we have been seeing a slow migration by many

vendors to produce products that are white in appearance to target the

home user as they offer a cleaner and more conservative look to them

that makes then more suited for a home environment rather than a black

system that can look a little out of place or realistically - less



The N2560 that I'm having a look at today is one of the the first

white systems that Thecus have produced, the first being its little

brother - the N2520 - and following its showing at CeBIT back in

march, the storage giant has been making last minute tweaks and

adjustments to optimise its performance and functionality, in the

process bringing the N2560 the the line-up as well as the N2520. Over

the previewed N2520, the N2560 offers up double the RAM with 2GB of

DDR3 and a slightly faster Atom SoC, clocked to 1.6GHz over the

N2520's 1.2GHz chip.


Compared to Thecus' over 2-bay solutions, the N2560 offers up a

tool-free installation with drives that simply slide into the chassis

and get closed in behind a simple front door making the unit far more

user friendly for the novice buyers out there. Supporting up to 4TB

drives and offering the same host of functionality as any other Thecus

system, this Atom based system is internally just like any other NAS

that Thecus has to offer.


URL - http://www.eteknix.com/thecus-n2650-2-bay-nas-review/






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