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REVIEW: In Win BATMAT mousepad @ PureOverclock

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Hello, PureOverclock has published our latest review, it is of the In Win

BATMAT mousepad.






Review Title: In Win BATMAT mousepad ( -at -) PureOverclock


Review URL:



Preview Image:







"When we think of mouse pads we think about square-ish floppy foam, or even

thin textured plastic ones that slide around and have to be secured to the

desk just to stay in one place. With earlier versions of mouse pads we were

constantly making sure they were clean or overly careful of spilling

something on them. Well friends, we don't have to worry about that anymore.

The In Win BATMAT mouse pad is washable, water resistant and scratch

resistant because it is constructed with aluminum. That's right folks, just

throw it in the dishwasher and call it good."








Thank you for the consideration in publishing a link to our review.








Jake Mete








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