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Posted 08 October 2013 - 10:35 PM

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*TITLE:* Motorola Droid MAXX ( -at -) LanOC

*DESCRIPTION:* Here in just a few months it will have been two years from
when Motorola introduced their Razr MAXX. That length of time is
significant for a few reasons. First, most of you know that a lot of people
run on two year contracts for their phones so a lot of the original Razr
MAXX owners will be on the market for replacements here at the start of the
year. Two years is also important because it wasn’t long before the
original MAXX was introduced that Google purchased the company for a
whopping 13 Billion dollars. In that time as well things have changed in
the phone market. Sure the iPhone is still around but who would have
thought that Blackberry would still be around and that the phones that were
once so powerful and huge are now considered slow and normal in size. What
a perfect time for Motorola to introduce its third MAXX phone. This time
the they dropped the Razr name all together and just went with the Droid
MAXX and its smaller battered brother is called the Droid Ultra. I’ve been
using the MAXX for a while now and today I’m going to tell you a little
about my experience.
ARTICLE URL:* http://lanoc.org/rev...rola-droid-maxx


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