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Thermalright AXP-200 Low-Profile CPU Cooler

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Title:  Thermalright AXP-200 Low-Profile CPU Cooler ( -at -) NikKTech


Description:   Having 2 out of our 3 test rigs housed inside HPTX towers is perhaps the best indication that i personally have no intention of actually using an m-ATX or m-ITX PC case at least not any time soon (who knows how things may turn out in the following years?) but it really seems that the recent increase in m-ATX and m-ITX compatible PC Cases in the market has intrigued quite a few people out there (judging from all the messages we've been getting) so naturally it was only a matter of time before the leading CPU Cooling manufacturers found ways to further improve on their current solutions. Thermalright is amongst them and although the original AXP-100 low profile CPU Cooler released roughly 10 months ago proved to be very successful they didn't stop there and so recently they updated the AXP line with the AXP-200 which ended up on our test bench just less than a month ago.



Article Link:   http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/pc-hardware/cpu-coolers/2359-thermalright-axp-200-low-profile-cpu-cooler


Image Link: http://www.nikktech.com/main/images/pics/reviews/thermalright/axp_200/thermalright_axp_200a.jpg


A News Post Would Be Appreciated.Thanks In Advance.

SincerelyNik Kastrantas


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