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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Gnote 3.9.3 (Unstable) released

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Gnote 3.9.3 has been released!


WARNING: this unstable release intended for testing purposes only. Do

not use it in production environment!


You can download it here:



New Features:

* boost::lexical_cast dependency not used if C++11 is supported

* BOOST_FOREACH dependency not used if C++11 is supported

* Special Notes notebook add-in

* ReadOnly add-in (#588807)



* Don't open new note window, if it's already open (#703151)

* Add icon for Active Notes notebook (#704114)

* Update notes list result when getting back (#702149)

* Avoid lock-up, which sometimes happens when clicking out from title




* Updated translations:

- Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)

- Czech (cs)

- Lithuanian (lt)

- Polish (pl)

- Slovenian (sl)

* Updated Chinese simplified manual (zh_CN)

* Updated German manual (de)



Adam Dingle

Debarshi Ray







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