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AMD Framepacing Catalyst 13.8 driver review

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*AMD Framepacing Catalyst 13.8 driver review*




We examine the new AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta driver that should insert a

new feature called framepacing. In our recent FCAT benchmarking

article from April, we discovered that AMD Crossfire suffers badly

from a phenomenon called micro-stuttering. A problem that has been

known for years and something both AMD and NVIDIA have had. NVIDIA

solved their issue starting with Kepler based graphics cards. However

since a new technique called FCAT was introduced, a whole lot of

micro-stuttering was exposed for AMD, putting them on severe pressure

to release a fix for this. Today is the day that we look at AMDs

Catalyst 13.8 Beta frame pacing driver and examine the latest games

to see if AMD has made progress.


Read this *article right here












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