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A Futurelooks News Flash - Diamond Multimedia Radeon HD 7790 (7790PE51G) Graphics Card Review

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Hello Again!


Futurelooks wants to see if the "Monster3D" is still there at Diamond

Multimedia ...



*Diamond Multimedia Radeon HD 7790 (7790PE51G) Graphics Card Review*


"The graphics card is like the front man of your PC band as it often

attracts the most attention. It is the first thing you list as the

difference between a regular PC and a gaming PC. Diamond Multimedia, the

company that brought our own front man to custom PCs, was nice enough to

send us their Diamond Radeon HD 7790 1GB.(7790PE51G). We are going to put

the Diamond HD 7790 on stage, put a spotlight on it, and see if the

pressure can bring out a “Monster3D” performance."


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