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Apple's Haswell-Powered 13-Inch MacBook Air - Review @ HotHardware

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Intel's roll-out of their 4th generation Haswell-based Core series

processors has been a little pokey, quite frankly, when you compare this

launch to the deluge of products that hit the market when Ivy Bridge broke

cover last year. Regardless, Apple always seems to have an inside track on

Intel's latest technology and so, as it turns out, our first

Haswell-powered notebook has finally arrived and it's none other than the

Apple MacBook Air.


The new MacBook Air for 2013 is virtually indistinguishable from the

previous gen model, though if you'll look closely there actually two tiny

pinholes on its left edge, for dual omnidirectional microphones, versus a

single mic on previous models.


Beyond that, it's the guts of the new Air that bring the glory.


Let's see what the new MacBook Air 13 is made of and if it holds its own

versus Windows-based Ultrabook offerings in the market.


Apple's Haswell-Powered 13-Inch MacBook Air:



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