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Leap Motion Controller Review @ Legit Reviews

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Leap Motion Controller Review


Hundreds of thousands of people pre-ordered the $79.99 Leap Motion Controller and Legit Reviews was one those people that had to get one of the devices in to check out. Is it time to ditch the mouse and use gestures to navigate around your PC? Read on to see what the Leap Motion Controller is, what it comes with and see how to set it up and use it!


Quote: "The Leap Motion Controller brings affordable gesture control to the PC and gives developers a tool to bring new innovations to the PC industry. In our limited time with the Leap Motion Controller we quickly found out that it is very app limited due to there being less than 60 apps available at the time of launch. Leap Motion gave thousands of these devices to app developers and hoped they would develop some killer software..."


Article Title: Leap Motion Controller Review ( -at -) Legit Reviews

Article URL: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/2241/1/




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