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KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD Review

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We have posted a new evolving technology report!!




TITLE: KingFast E-Drive Pro KF2510SCF 120GB SLC SSD Review - Blistering SLC Performance At The Enterprise Level


LINK: http://technologyx.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d9b6193ffd32dd60e84fc74b&id=44f5aae487&e=312ec141fb


PHOTO: http://technologyx.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=3d9b6193ffd32dd60e84fc74b&id=c5e07b919a&e=312ec141fb




If you are a novice regarding SSDs and SSD technology, the names ‘Runcore’ and ‘KingFast’ should at least strike a chord. The two companies recently merged, with KingFast becoming the sub-brand of RunCore; neither have shown signs of slowing down. Being two of the top SSD manufacturers, we will be looking at their newest SLC creation. Between the three NAND memory types – SLC (Single Layer Cell), MLC (Multi Layer Cell), and TLC (Three Layer Cell) – consumers typically are accustomed to MLC. SLC has the best endurance and best performance, but is also more expensive and lower in capacity due to cost and technical limitations. TLC is the exact opposite, and hence is not seen due to its lack of productivity, especially since MLC fits as the best intermediate between the two – solid performance, high density, low cost, decent endurance.




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