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GAINWARD GTX 780 Phantom 'GLH' Review @ Vortez

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GAINWARD GTX 780 Phantom 'GLH' Review ( -at -) Vortez






We loved the new Phantom cooler when we first examined it in our Gainward

GTX770 Phantom Review so we know just how capable it is. It did however seem

a little over the top to put such a fine example of cooling prowess on what

is essentially a tweaked GTX680. The cooling power of the Phantom deserved a

bigger challenge so to that end Gainward not only offered up the GK110 core

- the same core used on NVIDIA's finest GTX TITAN but also overclocked the

'hell' out of it. With the reference speeds of 863/6008 (core/memory)

clocked to 980/6200 it is one of the highest factory overclocked cards

available (at time of review). These overclocked figures result in a GPU

BOOST 2.0 clockspeed of 1033MHz. A GTX780 running at 'stock' over 1Ghz? Goes

like hell indeed!





















Please post this news item in your news section. Thank you.





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