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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Gnote 3.9.2 (Unstable) released

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Gnote 3.9.2 have been released!


WARNING: this unstable release intended for testing purposes only. Do

not use it in production environment!


You can download it here:



New Features:

* Remove underline from note title (#701855)

* Always open new windows from tray (#700458)

* Add option to always open notes in new window (#700458)

* Make preferences dialog more compact

* Do not save window position, leave it to window manager

* Make X11 conditional dependency to allow run on Wayland

(--with-x11-support to enable)

* Save main window sorting, always show it (#700609, #700436)

* Respect gnome clock-format setting (#700432)

* Rename Notes dialog column "Last Changed" to "Modified" (#704111)

* Make "Modified" column format more compact (#704113)

* Add menu item and accelerator for renaming notebook (#700435)

* Shorten context menu item labels

* New dependency BOOST_FOREACH



* "Table of Content" renamed to "Table of Contents" (#701942)

* Note title no longer displayed in brackets (#701853)

* Some cleanup in create notebook dialog (#701845)

* Do not show faded icons in main window toolbar (#701851)

* Bump required version of Glibmm to 2.32 (actually required version)

* Fix occasional crash when using tray icon

* Fix crash when closing after multiple link activations

* Do not overwrite entire note when replacing title (#701616)

* Fix critical assertion errors when searching (#700626)

* Set focus to notes list when showing it (#700611)

* Fix notebook selection on rename

* Make selection saving work reliably (#700553)

* Do not show empty Active notes notebook

* Disable rename notebook context menu for special notebooks (#704197)



* Updated translations:

- Czech (cs)

- German (de)

- Greek (el)

- Lithuanian (lt)

- Spanish (es)

* Updated Spanish manual (es)



Adam Dingle

Luc Pionchon

Sindhu Sundar







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