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big.LITTLE: ARM's Strategy For Efficient Computing @ HotHardware.com

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Hello Everyone,


big.LITTLE is ARM's solution to a particularly nasty problem: New process

nodes no longer deliver the kind of overall power consumption improvements

that they did prior to 2005. Prior to 90nm, semiconductor firms could count

on new chips being smaller, faster, and drawing less power at a given

frequency. Eight years ago, that stopped being true. New nodes still pack

more transistors per square millimeter, but the improvements to power

consumption and maximum frequency have been falling every single node.

Rising defect densities have already created a situation where -- for the

first time ever -- 20nm chips won't be cheaper than the 28nm processors

they're supposed to replace. This is a critical problem for mobile, where

low power consumption is absolutely vital. big.LITTLE is ARM's answer to

this problem...


big.LITTLE: ARM's Strategy For Efficient Computing




As always, a link in your news sections would be much appreciated! If you'd

like us to return the favor, please don't hesitate to send your press


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