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CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review @ Neoseeker

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Hello editors,


If you're particularly troubled by the prospect that all those labels on

the keys of your mechanical keyboard may rub off or get discolored as a

result of your fingertips, while still needing something compact, Cooler

Master just might have you covered with its CM Storm QuickFire Stealth.


Its "Phantom Keys" move all key labels to the front-facing side face of the

keys, leaving the very top surfaces that you actually type on blank. The

QuickFire Stealth also eschews a number pad to keep a trim figure. Hit our

review to see if all this adds up to a mechanical keyboard that is as

useful as it its unique design decisions.




"...the QuickFire Stealth is more of a niche product than anything else and

> stands at the border between function and form."



Thanks as always for any linkage!


Neoseeker Hardware

hardware ( -at -) neoseeker.com



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