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Logitech k310 Washable Keyboard

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Title:  Logitech k310 Washable Keyboard ( -at -) NikKTech


Description:   How many times have you accidentally spilled water or soda on your precious keyboard? Well i can't speak on behalf of everyone out there but it has happened to me more than just once and unfortunately most keyboards out there if not all of them offer nothing to counter the effects of something like that. So if you are lucky enough to just spill water on your keyboard chances are that it will still keep working after you dry it but if you are unlucky enough to spill soda then ingredients like sugar and citric acid will definitely ruin it or at the very least put you through lots of trouble cleaning it. Well with the latest k310 washable keyboard Logitech just might have the ideal solution to such incidents and naturally we just had to take it for a spin.



Article Link:   http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/keyboards/1875-logitech-k310-washable-keyboard


Image Link: http://www.nikktech.com/main/images/pics/reviews/logitech/k310_keyboard/logitech_k310b.jpg


A News Post Would Be Appreciated.Thanks In Advance.

SincerelyNik Kastrantas


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