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A Futurelooks News Flash - An Affordable Titan – N?= VIDIA’s GEFORCE GTX 780 Reviewed

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Hello Again!


Futurelooks reviews the "affordable" Titan ...



*An Affordable Titan – NVIDIA’s GEFORCE GTX 780 Reviewed*


"When Titan first launched, many of my enthusiasts colleagues spent the day

reading reviews and wiping the drool off their keyboards. The gamers saw

the Titan as perhaps a card to end all cards, or at least an upgrade to

last for years. The Folding and Photoshop crew understood that Titan had

the Shaders and cores to process some serious work loads. However, one big

obstacle stood between them and their dream card: The price. While Titan

remains the current single GPU desktop flagship at $1K USD, neither

affordable nor a true gamerÂ’s card. Naturally, a new alternative high

performance “sports-card” is here with a lower price tag."


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