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[ANNOUNCE] libchamplain 0.12.4

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It took quite a lot of silence since the last release in July last

year (mainly because of me being rather busy and also because nobody

complained too much) but finally there's a new release of



Despite being a minor-version-number release, actually quite a lot of

code was changed. This was mainly because libchamplain has been

updated to use the "modern" Clutter API and get rid of all the

depreciation warnings. So libchamplain depends on Clutter 1.12 now.

The main commit was something like -2500/+500 lines of code so quite a

nice cleanup.


Speaking of cleanups, while migrating to the new Clutter, I realized

that I just keep getting lost in how ChamplainView handles coordinates

and decided to make some further cleanups which hopefully resulted in

much simpler and easier-to-read code in ChamplainView.


As a part of the spring cleaning, I have also removed the libchamplain

git repository from Gitorious. It seems nobody is really using it, I

keep forgetting to push the changes there and when someone submits a

patch there, I'm not notified about the change. It's always possible

to re-create the repository there when needed in the future.


Taking into account the amount of changed lines in this release, there

might be some bugs. But since nobody complained since the announcement

last week, I can expect that either there are no big bugs or that

nobody is using libchamplain any more...


...which actually doesn't seem to be the case since Zeeshan Ali, who

also contributed many patches into this release, started working on a

new gnome mapping application:




Good luck with the app!


Here's a brief list of changes made in this libchamplain release:


* Add dependency on clutter 1.12 and fix all the depreciation warnings

(Jiří Techet, Zeeshan Ali)

* Many internal cleanups and minor improvements (Jiří Techet)

* Fix gtk and libsoup depreciation warnings (Jiří Techet)


which don't exist any more and remove them from the factory (Jiří Techet)

* Deprecate ChamplainCustomMarker (Jiří Techet)

* Deprecate champlain_view_bin_layout_add() (Zeeshan Ali)

* Fix blurry map when view resized (Jiří Techet)

* Use more neutral map background color (Jiří Techet)

* Add champlain_view_get_bounding_box() and

champlain_bounding_box_covers() (Zeeshan Ali)

* Add a possibility to set a background texture (Nirbheek Chauhan)

* Add Mapquest Open Aerial map source (Zeeshan Ali)

* Added the possibility to use TMS correct y-axis (Samuel Gyger)

* Minor fixes and improvements (Zeeshan Ali, Evan Nemerson, Jiří Techet)


As always, the tarball can be downloaded here:









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