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Corsair M95 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

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Bigbruin.com has published new content which might be of interest to your

readers. A post on your site regarding this announcement would be greatly



*Title:* Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO DataBlast YX550-VLTE-AWS


*Link:* http://bigbruin.com/content/zboost_1


*Image (150x70): *http://bigbruin.com/images/articles/779/icon.jpg


*Quote:* The Wi-Ex zBoost SOHO DataBlast YX550-VLTE-AWS definitely does

what it promises to do, and it does it rather well. With zero

configuration, you can greatly improve the data signal strength in your

home or office. The review unit was able to take a zone with just about

zero signal and subsequently provide 4G download speeds approaching 3Mbps

with 2-3 bars showing at all times.


Thank you.


Best regards,









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