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Frame Rating: High End GPUs Benchmarked at 4K Resolutions

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3840x2160 gaming anyone? You may have recently seen a story and video

on PC Perspective about a new TV that made its way into the office.

Of particular interest is the fact that the SEIKI SE50UY04 50-in TV is

a 4K television; it has a native resolution of 3840x2160. For those

that are unfamiliar with the new upcoming TV and display standards,

3840x2160 is exactly four times the resolution of current 1080p TVs

and displays. Oh, and this TV only cost us $1300. Throughout the

story I'll have videos of our 4K footage on YouTube and to download

natively. The videos include our Frame Rating overlay on them but

otherwise are simple H.264 nearly 100 mbps 3840x2160 videos.


URL: http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Frame-Rating-High-End-GPUs-Benchmarked-4K-Resolutions


Quote: "If we limit our options to single cards, whether they be

single GPU or dual-GPU, the battle is even more interesting. Because

AMD's new Radeon HD 7990 depends on CrossFire technology to perform,

the 13.5 beta driver that still has the runt frame and frame time

variance problems places it in a very bad light compared to NVIDIA

options like the GeForce GTX Titan and the GeForce GTX 690."


Thanks for a post!


Ryan Shrout

PC Perspective

rshrout ( -at -) pcper.com




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