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Banshee 2.6.1 released!

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We are happy to announce the release of Banshee 2.6.1, which is a

stable, bug-fix-only release building on Banshee 2.6.0.


Release notes: http://banshee.fm/download/archives/2-6-1/





Download: http://banshee.fm/download/

(Binaries for non-Linux platforms will likely be uploaded in the

following days)


Note to packagers:

We had to add the requirement of a new build dependency on dbus-glib (or

rather its development package, if there is one), as a work-around to a

problem with GConf and DBus (this requirement will likely be removed

again in the first release of the new development series leading up to

Banshee 3.0).



Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!


-- Andres G. Aragoneses



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