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REVIEW: In Win Commander III 600W @ PureOverclock

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Hello, PureOverclock has published our latest review, it is of the In Win

Commander III 600W power supply.






Review Title: In Win Commander III 600W ( -at -) PureOverclock


Review URL:



Preview Image:







$B!H(BThe In Win Commander III 600W comes with a unique military-themed design

named for the famous Desert Fox moniker that started in WW2 attributed to

German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and then again resurfaced decades later

during the Iraqi war in the late 1990$B!l(Bs. While this unit isn$B!G(Bt a behemoth

like some we$B!G(Bve seen of late, the Commander III 600W is 80PLUS Gold

certified and comes with a price of $105. Seems pretty good so far, so let$B!G(B

s take a closer look at this In Win power supply and see how it fares.$B!I(B










Thank you for the consideration in publishing a link to our review.








Jake Mete










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