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GUNNAR Vinyl Onyx Review @ Vortez

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GUNNAR Vinyl Onyx Review ( -at -) Vortez






In the world of computing today, there are many companies and brands which

provide a multitude of products. Ranging from the budget conscientious to

the high end enthusiast, there is massive selection of products available on

the market. Whether you're a general computer user or a professional gamer,

computer screens and other digital devices can cause a condition called

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which causes a variety of symptoms such as

headaches, neck pain, eye strain and difficulty in refocusing your eyes.

With many brands providing healthier solutions to use your PC including

products such as padded mouse mats and keyboard wrist rests to combat Carpal

Tunnel Syndrome, one company in particular has dedicated themselves to

reducing the effects of CVS on our eyes.

















Please post this news item in your news section. Thank you.





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