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Samsung Galaxy Camera Review @ HotHardware.com

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Hello Everyone,


Sharing photos with one's friends and family is a common, everyday

occurrence. Instagram has gained over 100 million photo sharing users in

just two years, and this is just one of many outlets people use to share

photos with the people they love. While sharing pictures taken with your

smartphone is easy and convenient since you can upload and share while on

the go, the picture quality you get from a smartphone isn't quite on the

same level as a standalone digital camera, with a larger sensor and better



Connected cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy Camera promise the best of

both worlds for users who want to share their photos right away but who

also want the image quality that only comes from a standalone digital



Samsung Galaxy Camera Review: Taking Pictures With Android



As always, a link in your news sections would be much appreciated! If you'd

like us to return the favor, please don't hesitate to send your press


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