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[ANNOUNCE] Libgee 0.9.92 - GObject collection library

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We are very pleased to announce version 0.9.92 of Libgee, the GObject

collection library.


Libgee 0.9.92 is now available for download at:




Also please note that now Libgee has its own mailing-list


and its own #gee IRC channel.



New in 0.9.92



* Fix memory leak in TreeSet and TreeMap



Libgee is a collection library providing GObject-based interfaces and

classes for commonly used data structures.


Libgee provides the following interfaces:


* Traversable

o Iterable

+ Collection

# List

* BidirList

# Set

* SortedSet

o BidirSortedSet

# MultiSet

# Queue

* Deque

+ Map

# SortedMap

* BidirSortedMap

o Iterator

+ BidirIterator

# BidirListIterator

+ ListIterator

# BidirListIterator

* MultiMap


The ArrayList, ArrauQueue, ConcurrentLinkedList, ConcurrentSet,

HashSet, HashMap, HashMultiSet, HashMultiMap, LinkedList,

PriorityQueue, TreeSet, TreeMap, TreeMultiSet, and TreeMultiMap

classes provide a reasonable sample implementation of those interfaces.

In addition, a set of abstract classes are provided to ease

the implementation of new collections.


Around that, the API provide means to retrieve read-only views,

efficient sort algorithms, simple, bi-directional or index-based mutable

iterators depending on the collection type.


Libgee is written in Vala and can be used like any GObject-based C

library. It's planned to provide bindings for further languages.



More information about Vala is available at




Maciej Marcin Piechotka







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