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Unigine Oil Rush for Android Review @ Hi Tech Legion

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Hello Everyone,

HiTech Legion has released a new article. Hopefully your readers will

find it interesting.


/*Review:*/ Unigine Oil Rush for Android Review


( -at -) Hi Tech Legion


/*Snippet:*/ /"//Unigine has developed a version for Android devices

based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip. The mobile version offers a

campaign mode that provides an immersive storyline that the modern world

can relate to. The storyline mode features four chapters of battles with

a technology tree that builds as the story progresses. Oil Rush is fully

compatible with touch screens and features intuitive touch controls. The

gameplay uses group control to move units. The goal of this control

style is to reduce the micromanagement of a typical RTS game. At the

same time, it is necessary to think and react fast to keep up with the

combat in Oil Rush.//"/


/*Article Url:*/



/*Image Url: */http://www.hitechlegion.com/images/games/oilrush/1s.jpg


Thank You for Helping us grow and we would appreciate your future support.


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