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[DreamWare Computers] SilverStone PP06 Individually Sleeved PSU Cables

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SilverStone PP06 Individually Sleeved PSU Cables ( -at -) DreamWare Computers


*Quote*: "One of the unique design traits to SilverStone's modular power

supplies is that they're fully modular. Where as most manufacturers will

hard wire the mandatory cables, usually the motherboard, EPS/ATX and one

PCIE connector, SilverStone has opted to make even those cables removable.

Their reasoning behind this design choice is well justified though; they

have a variety of after market cable options that can do everything from

giving you short cables for small form factor cases, or premium looking

cables for enthusiasts with windowed cases. Today I have the PP06 cables

here which have each individual wire (not wire strand, but wire) sleeved in

a premium quality material mesh sleeving. The PP06 cables look great at

first glance and are bound to add some flashy looks to your case, so let's

check them out!"







As always, thank you for any mention you can make!






Steve Blackwell


steve ( -at -) dreamwarecomputers.com



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