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Restore the bootloader

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I had a Windows 98 and Linux 9 multiboot environment on my PC having one 20GB HDD. After I reinstall Win98, unable to find Linux on the boot login. Unfortunately I don't have the bootable disk for Linux.How do I restore the Linux login. During the Windows reisntallation I haven't format my hard disk.


Thanks & Rgds


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Unfortunately, when you install, or re-install Windows after Linux, the bootloader gets overwritten by Windows. Depending on what distro of Linux that you installed, you may be able to use the first CD (install disk) to boot to Linux and fix the problem. Which distro do you have? RedHat, Mandrake...?


You will also need to know what partition that your distro installed onto, such as hda1. hda2...etc.


P.S. I see that your question has already been answered well by the sysop.

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