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AMD Next-Gen Graphics May Slip To End of 2013, Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

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AMD has yet to make an official statement on this topic, but several

unofficial remarks and leaks point in the same direction. Contrary to

rumor, there won't be a new GCN 2.0 GPU out this spring to head up the

Radeon HD 8000 family. This breaks with a pattern AMD has followed for

nearly six years. AMD recently refreshed its mobile product lines with HD

8000M hardware, replacing some old 40nm parts with new 28nm GPUs based on

GCN. In desktop, it's a different story. AMD is already shipping "HD 8000"

cards to OEMs, but these cards are HD 7000 cards with new model numbers.

RAM, TDP, core counts, and architectural features are all identical to the

HD 7000 lineup.


GPU rebadges are nothing new, but this is the first time in at least six

years that AMD has rebadged the top end of a product line. And it looks

increasingly less likely that AMD will field a true second-generation

Graphics Core Next processor before the end of 2013.


AMD Next-Gen Graphics May Slip To End of 2013, Not Necessarily A Bad










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