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Xbox 720 (Durango) Could Require Always-On Connection, Lock Out Used Games

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Sony's next-generation PS4 unveil is just two weeks away, which means leaks

concerning both it and Microsoft's next-generation Xbox Durango (sometimes

referred to as the Xbox 720), are at an all-time high as well. Rumors

continue to swirl that the next iteration of Xbox will lock out used games

entirely and require a constant Internet connection. New games would come

with a one-time activation code to play. Use the code, and the game is

locked to the particular console or Xbox Live account it's loaded on.

Physical games will still be sold (the Durango reportedly supports 50GB

Blu-ray Discs), but the used game market? Kiboshed.


If this is true, it's an ugly move on Microsoft's part. Not only does it

annihilate the right of first sale, it'll eviscerate any game store or

business that depends on video game rentals for revenue.


Xbox 720 (Durango) Could Require Always-On Connection, Lock Out Used











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