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SSD NEWS: Plextor M5 Pro Extreme SSD Review (256GB) - 100,000 IOPS and Excellent Performance

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TITLE: Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme SSD Review (256GB) - 100,000 IOPS and

Excellent Performance














INFO: It seems that our relationship with Plextor has had a shot of

Adrenaline since


f-tlc-and-power-protection-ssds-at-ces-las-vegas-2013/> our meet at CES Las

Vegas 2013 and 'first up' analysis of the new Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme SSD is

the result. We did have a bit of a heads up when Plextor asked us to


review the M5 Pro in this meeting, but definitely never expected the M5 Pro

to arrive at our office, even before us, and not two weeks before this

Xtreme we just finished testing! The Pro and the Extreme should be virtually

identical, considering both contain the same controller, the same cache,

same firmware and even 19nm NAND flash memory. The difference is that the

Xtreme contains 16 modules of NAND flash memory vice the 8 of our M5 Pro

review, the Xtreme also promising IOPS of 100,ooo. But wait.. didn't we get

that from the M5 Pro as well?










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