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NZXT Phantom 630 Ultra Tower Chassis Review

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NZXT Phantom 630 Ultra Tower Chassis Review



Today we have something a little special in the eTeknix office, the

brand new Phantom 630 ultra tower from NZXT. Many of you will already

be fully award of the existence of this premium grade chassis,

especially since it was launched at CES earlier this month and anyone

who was following our coverage of the show will have seen some

fantastic pictures of this chassis already. NZXT have already gone on

to great things with their Phantom and Switch range, their unique

style and unrelenting pursuit for chassis performance has caught the

eyes of many system builders, enthusiasts and gamers.


I think it is also true to say that the Phantom range has become

somewhat of a legend in its own right, much like the Ferrari's and

Lamborghini have become the desirables of the car world, NZXT chassis

are the desirable of the chassis world, for many people at least, not

all. Thanks to the unique style choices of NZXT's premium chassis,

they've become something you either love or hate. The most important

factor for me however is their performance and everything from the

original Phantom to the 820 have had plenty to offer in that area, yet

can NZXT really improve on an already impressive design structure?

That's what we hope to find out today.


The Phantom 630 comes in at retail at a staggering £169.99, which is a

lot of money but still cheaper that the gargantuan 820 and just a

little more expensive than the Switch 810. Regardless of being cheaper

or more expensive than others in the NZXT catalogue, its still a

serious amount of cash in terms of investment and for that amount of

money you're going to want more than just style. Today I will be

looking for nothing short of exceptional in all areas, performance,

build quality, style, component compatibility and anything else I can

think of, so lets move and see just what the Phantom 630 has to offer.









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