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Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review

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Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review



Today we are taking a look at the Adjust 108 Fan Controller from

Fractal Design, which on the face of it is a simple six channel fan

controller, but being a Fractal Design product it has no doubt got a

few subtle style touches to be found.


Fractal Design are quickly working their way to the top of my

favourites list in terms of product design, I still think their

Fractal R4, Node 304 and Node 605 are some of the finest chassis' on

the market for their respective categories and in my mind the name

Fractal Design is synonymous with high quality products, something

that I have reflected on many a time in previous reviews of their

products, all of which have proven themselves worthy of various

eTeknix awards.


Fan controllers are by nature fairly simple devices, in the sense that

they have one intended function. Sure some products on the market find

all kinds of complex and creative methods of performing this task, but

the end result should always be the same, a method of maximising

cooling efficiency, or minimising fan noise with ease.


Technical specifications:


Stylish, minimalistic front in aluminum

6 channels

One LED per channel

Uses only one 5.25" bay

Intensity jumper for the LEDs

Vertical sliders

36W per channel

Shifting LEDs

SATA power connector


With the technical specifications out of the way, let's dive in and

take a closer look at what Fractal Design have to offer to the fan

controller market.









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