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WHAT is a domain name??

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Here's an overly simplistic answer:


A domain name is a predefined structure of words that map to an IP address. It is used to allow you to enter in a name i.e. domain name that corresponds to a server with an IP address located somewhere on the Internet. Since people can't reliably remember numbers (which computers use), domain services are used to help them reach various resources connected to the Internet or on a LAN.


You don't setup a domain name (in the way I think you are thinking of it), rather you register it if it is going to be used on the Internet. At registration you define at least two servers (preferably not the same boxes in the same location) called DNS servers that map your registered name to an IP address. The IP address by the way is provided by the ISP hosting your server as well as the DNS servers.


If you are using your system at home with a dialup, forget trying to setup domain services...you don't need them.


Because of the nature of your question, it is likely that you should seek more knowledge before embarking on this quest. Try going to Google and do a search on Domain Names, DNS, or other questions of this nature.


Good Luck!

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Richard gave you the basics, but in case you still don't understand:


Look up to the top of your browser screen. You will see something like this:




The htttp:// part tells which protocol is being used, in this case HyperText Transfer Protocol.



part is the domain name. The rest refers to files to retrieve or scripts to run. As Richard said, the words in the domain name map to numbers in the IP address. A domain name server (DNS) takes these words, which the computer cannot otherwise use and replaces them with the numeric IP address. The only time you have to worry about IP addresses is if your ISP or network requires that you put them in somewhere. If you can access the internet, then everything is set up, so I wouldn't worry about it. The words are there so that you do not have to remember a long string of numbers to get to your favorite website... smile

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