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Windows 8 and Windows XP Shares Not Seeing Each Other

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Recently purchased a new notebook with Windows 8.


I now have 3 PCs on the network now, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.


I'm using the workgroup name 'WORKGROUP' and simple file shairng is turned off and full permissions provided for all shares.


The Window Vista machine can see and access the shares on the Windows 8 and vice versa.


The Windows Vista machine can also see and access the shares on the Windows XP pc and vice versa.


However, the Windows 8 and Window XP are blind to each other.


The one exception is that under Network in Windows 8, it shows the Windows XP pc as 'Other Devices', but I cannot access any shares, just gives network information of the Windows XP machine e.g. MAC address, IPA etc.


I've copied over the shortcuts from the machines, investigated the firewall as best I can, but I'm really stumped.


Any advice much appreciated.



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