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[DreamWare Computers] Vantec NexStar Wi-Fi HDD Dock

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Vantec NexStar Wi-Fi HDD Dock ( -at -) DreamWare Computers


*Quote*: "External hard drive enclosures are a dime-a-dozen. They come in

all shapes, sizes, capacities, and colors with interface connections

ranging from USB 2.0 and the new USB 3.0 to eSATA. However, very few hard

drive enclosures let you untether from the enclosure itself and take your

information to the cloud. VantecÂ’s latest edition to their NexStar external

hard drive enclosure allows you to do just that by giving you the ability

to access your data over Wi-Fi. You can access your data with any Apple iOS

device or Android device with the download of a simple, free app, and with

smart TVs as well as Wi-Fi tethering and gaming consoles. With such a large

selection of compatible devices, the Vantec NexStar Wi-Fi hard drive dock

has wide application potential. So, without further ado, letÂ’s take a

closer look at the NexStar Wi-Fi hard drive dock and see if this is the

Wi-Fi enabled hard drive dock for you."







As always, thank you for any mention you can make!



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Steve Blackwell

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steve ( -at -) dreamwarecomputers.com



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