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How to Generate Floppy Disks for Old Macintosh Computers @ Hardware Secrets

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We've just posted a new article on our website, Hardware Secrets.


Title: How to Generate Floppy Disks for Old Macintosh Computers

Link: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/How-to-Generate-Floppy-Disks-for-Old-Macintosh-Computers/1713

Category: Tutorials



Did you buy an old Macintosh computer, but it didnÂ’t come with programs and the operating system disks? In this tutorial, we will teach you how to generate them.


Here is a snippet:

"Did you buy an old Macintosh computer such as the Macintosh 128K, the Macintosh 512K, the Macintosh Plus or the Macintosh SE on eBay, Craig's List, or a garage sale, but it didn't come with the floppy disks for the operating system and programs? Let's see how you can generate them and bring your old Macintosh back to life."


A news post would be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Gabriel Torres


Hardware Secrets





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