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[ANNOUNCE] Gtkaml 0.6 beta 3 - Markup language for Vala

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Posted 12 January 2013 - 04:35 PM

This third beta release contains the following fixes compared to beta2:

- prevent a crasher when class name is blank
- stop stripping CDATA tags' leading and trailing whitespaces
- honor -D defines in the context used to parse members
- honoring -d for .gtkaml generated files
- fix a bug copying fields twice if generated automatically by properties

There should be *no* notable differences compared to 0.4.3's
functionality other than:

- compatibility with Vala 0.18
- source files' order from command line is not relevant anymore
(previous architectural limitation)
- support for custom creation methods (the construct will still be
generated by gtkaml)
- support for enum literals
- '.implicits' files renamed to '.markuphints'

Gtkaml is a markup language based on Vala which lets you create Gtk+
composite widgets through concise XML:

or by using Gtkon object notation:

HBox !homogeneous {
Label with-mnemonic label="_Hello" !expand !fill;
Entry $my_entry text="World!";

See http://code.google.com/p/gtkaml/ for source code, downloads and
issue tracker


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