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A MEGATechNews Flash - MEGATech Reviews – Nyko Pla?= yPad Bluetooth Controller for Android Devices

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Hello Again!


MEGATechNews pushes out one last review before diving into the CES 2013

madness ...



*MEGATech Reviews – Nyko PlayPad Bluetooth Controller for Android Devices*



More and more, we find ourselves playing an increasingly large variety of

remarkably robust games on our smartphones and tablets. As great as these

games have become, touchscreen controls just arenÂ’t as good as the more

traditional console experience for many of these titles. So, what can you



One solution that you might consider is the Nyko PlayPad, a console-style

controller that allows you to “control the future of Android gaming.” It’s

wireless and pairs up with an Android device of your choosing via Bluetooth.


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