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AVerMedia RECentral Live Gamer HD Capture Card Review

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AVerMedia RECentral Live Gamer HD Capture Card Review



In a change to what I normally review, namely anything storage and

networking based, I've decided to have a little change of scene and

this week I'll be looking at a HD capture card from AVerMedia. There

are a large number of gamers out there, especially those in teams that

like to record their games so that they can review them back to see

where they go wrong or to show off their skills to others though the

likes of YouTube or live through TwitchTV. Whilst there are a number

of external options to chose from, not all give the flexibility to

either record or stream and typically most of them are recorders.


What we will be having a look at today is a PCIe mounted capture card

that allows you to stream you content straight to the masses on the

internet via the use of XSplit or record your game for editing and

uploading later on. AVerMedia have been around for quite a few years

and this is one of their latest bits of kit that is very simple to

setup and get going with barely any setup required. Sounds like a

great bit of kit to me so lets see what this is all about.









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